Nursing Programs

  • Post-RN BSN (02 Year) Program
  • Generic BSN (04 Year) Program

Diploma Programs

  • Diploma MLT
    Diploma MIT
    Diploma DPT
    Diploma OT

BS Programs

  • BS MLT,
    BS MIT,
    BS DPT,
    BS OT,

Admission Inquiry


The nursing undergraduate programs (BSN, Post-RN BSN) provide the knowledge, skills, and professional values you will need for successful practice as a professional nurse in the new century. Post-RN BSN and Generic BSN programs are offered on a full-time basis only and typically takes two years and four years to complete respectively. The undergraduate programs include cooperative education experiences working in clinical setting such as outstanding teaching hospital Quaid-e-Azam hospital, Islamabad.

The Bachelor of Science in nursing completion program is committed to advancing the education of registered nurses to meet the growing health care needs in the community, state, nation and the world. In recognition of the value of a comprehensive baccalaureate nursing education and sound liberal arts foundation, our mission is to prepare graduates who can provide evidence-based comprehensive nursing care that is scientifically based, caring and respectful of diverse individual needs. 

Students completing this degree are prepared to implement roles in today’s health care environment that require commitment to evidence-based practice, professionalism and professional ethics, health promotion and disease prevention for individuals and population, leadership skills and knowledge that utilize health information technology, communication and collaboration to promote patient safety and quality care. 

To this end, the faculty embraces quality teaching and engaged learning opportunities in the classroom, faculty-student mentoring, and multiple collaborative learning opportunities throughout the program. 


Building on the acute care clinical knowledge and experience received in associate degree and diploma nursing programs, the following program objectives and outcomes were developed for this program. 

The Bachelor of Science in nursing completion program will prepare graduates to

  1. Consistently apply professional standards, ethics, and values in their nursing practice. 
  2. Assess, design and implement health promotion and disease prevention nursing programs for diverse individuals, groups and communities. 
  3. Evaluate nursing research and apply the results to evidence-based nursing practice. 

Use intellectual skills and competencies to provide leadership on health care management teams that promote patient safety and quality care in health care institutions and community settings. 

  1. Take a leadership role in the profession of nursing and in health care issues in the state and nation.
  2. Continue personal and professional career development.